Promotion of Black studies

It has been suggested by some Africans that “race” – – per se – – is, and has always been seen as a white/black issue. Thus, little serious attempt has been directed to addressing the African/African Diaspora connections and their implications for a fundamental appreciation of the issues of race confronting the black man and the black experience. Therefore, local universities will be urged through TTT to address issues of race, no less than ‘racism,’ through introduction of departments and courses in Black Studies.  In exploring the African/African Diaspora connection, it was observed that this subject is not yet taken up at university level in Uganda – – by 2019. Scant information suggests that the University of Ghana may have introduced such courses.

Preliminary discussions in Uganda with the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Ndejje University, however, suggest readiness to integrate Black Studies as core content within academia at that institution. When traveling to the USA, a letter of introduction was provided to TAF’s Managing Director from Ndejje University, expressing the intent to cooperate with The Ankrah Foundation Think Tank in promoting Black Studies and staff/student exchanges across the total gambit of the programmes offered.

The College of Humanities, Gender Studies, Makerere University, also has shown interest in exchange programmes, including the launch of Black Studies.

While in the United States in January, 2019, two “white” universities were visited which already had introduced such programmes, and expressed interest to explore cooperation through student/staff exchanges with TTT. The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) which has a department in Black Studies and offers a gender studies program – – having about 40 staff members who conduct some of its aspect in the 15,000 student – strong university. It awaits decisions in Uganda as to ways it might become involved. African professors met at UNO were from Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda, among other African countries. The University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee also has an African/African Diaspora department in which a Uganda woman is pursuing the Ph. D. programme. It has members of staff from Africa who include Ethiopians and Nigerians. Other blacks of the Diaspora were met who called Brazil and Haiti their origins. The idea of support to start black studies in Africa, in general, and Uganda specifically was warmly received in predominantly “white universities.”

Two historically “Black” universities were also approached in January 2019. There was a follow-up visit with departmental heads at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland was approached through Dr. Weaver of the PAN AFRICAN COLLECTIVE, noted earlier. This latter of the two universities has already established a Black Studies Department. Its Provost has expressed interest to pursue a relationship with Uganda institutions. Dr. Patricia Johnson, a Uganda Christian University (UCU) Fulbright Scholar in 2014 and again in 2017, is following up discussions with Bowie State on behalf of TTT and its interested institutions.

The Pan African Collective has taken medical teams of black professionals to Africa – – as close to Uganda as Rwanda in 2018. It has plans to travel to Malawi in May, 2019 with the prospect of stopping by Uganda. Its director will share in planning the 2019 International Conference to be held at Mukono. It also intends to help to publicize Uganda and TTT as one of the East Africa countries involved with the 400 Years Commemoration through its networks in Africa and in the United States.

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