The intent of the Reference Center component of TTT will be to promote growth of the “intellectual” capital of its users through the data it collects and transmits. The Global Ethics Consortium focuses on the use of “on line” as one of its primary approaches to education of people and, thus, the content is made available rapidly, that information would be unavailable in much of Africa, otherwise.

The Think Tank also will seek to provide materials related to the African/Diaspora connections, Black Studies and Ethics on line to the furthest extent possible so that TAF becomes an immediate reference point regarding these three areas. TAF would thus broaden its usefulness not only in being a source or conductor of information. It could/would also act as a coordinator and a resource base for other institutions seeking to inform readers in universities, and especially to other individuals, groups, and organizations – – as activists – – wishing to move the “black agenda” forward, such as the Pan African Connection has done in the USA.

TTT will further seek to discover and help distribute “ground – breaking” literature which focuses on “current” development among the races that show positive trends or/and movements. The starting point would be to get engaged with university librarians as specialists. They could inform the public through TTT activities, or directly as to the degree to which relevant materials are in place, how such materials can be assessed, how to assure wider coverage or accessibility, etc. Indirectly, the Reference Center should inform on what approaches are in place that promote Black consciousness within all institutions which do, or are aimed to effectively reshape the black people’s understanding of what must be done to awaken, energize, and move them upward, i.e., to be “men and women” – – equals among all other peoples.